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Urgente aggiornamento di tutti i CPANEL/WHM

Inserito il Dec 5, 2012 Condividi

Posted on December 4, 2012
by cPanel Important: cPanel & WHM
11.34 Security Release cPanel has released new builds for all public update tiers.

These updates provide targeted changes to address security concerns with the cPanel & WHM product.
These builds are currently available to all customers via the standard update system. cPanel has rated this update as having important security impact. Information on security ratings is available at
“” An important rating applies to vulnerabilities that allow system authentication levels to be compromised. These include allowing local users to elevate their privilege levels, unauthenticated remote users to see resources that should require authentication to view, the execution of arbitrary code by remote users, or any local or remote attack that could result in an denial of service. “”

Security Issue Information
The resolved security issues were identified by various members of the development and quality assurance teams at cPanel.
There is no reason to believe that these vulnerabilities are known to the public.
As such, cPanel will only release limited information regarding the vulnerabilities.
Once sufficient time has passed to allow cPanel & WHM systems to automatically update their installed software to the new versions, cPanel will release additional information regarding the nature of the security issue.
This Targeted Security Release addresses five vulnerabilities.

Additional information is scheduled to be released December 6, 2012, via email
. ——————

Durante l’aggiornamento i servizi IMAP (in download) venivano dal sistema di update bloccati per aggiornare il metodo di autenticazione
A metà aggiornamento si ha un errore 500 del Cpanel per qualche minuto
Il 06/12/2012 si conoscerà la motivazione di questo urgente aggiornamento.

Noi per star tranquilli accettiamo l’aggiornamento

Cordiali Saluti

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